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Hi, I'm trying to use a person or group field that allows multiple values with a workflow to set a document's permissions based on the names in the person or group field. How do I get a set item permissions action to recognise the names in the field?   Thanks, Rob      

Is there any way to hide a control if a control inside a repeater is selected? , I can hide it if a =="Nurse" but if I add another row and select "diet" in that control, value of the control (displayed in a calculated value) now looks like "Nurse;Diet" and any additional rows just add to that. I want to hide a control if Nurse is selected in any
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Hi there,   I'm using the call web service against usergroup.aspx, retrieving GetUserCollectionFromSite. This returns a large XML doc, about 3300 lines. I then query this using a user's ID, like //Users/User[@ID={WorkflowVariable:currentId}]/@LoginName. Prior to querying, I replace the xmlns declaration in the XML with blank to streamline
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I  have created lots of Nintex workflow which contain state machine, today i found all state machine stuck in change state. try to restart SharePoint server, database, unless i turn off  'safe loop' thenre-publish the workflow, the state machine start working, i know it's not a good solution, what else i can do?