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How can I write a formula for a calculated field in runtime to bring up a the executive name of a certain department or subdepartment from user profiles (which is synched from AD)!   I have used calculated field, inserted a formula for <userprofilelookup(username, "manager")> to bring up the manager of a certain user and other values

All,   Where can I learn about javascript  and then how and where it all fits into my nintex forms?   I'm a total beginner with javascript. I've got some code - which hopefully will do a job for me, but don't know where it's meant to go, is it complete, how it is meant to run, how it could be expanded.   I notice many forum
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Hi,   I have a requirement where I need to check for an empty date field. I do not see a direct way of doing this. One idea I have is to create a workflow variable (Date & Time) and set the default to "blank". Compare the date field against this variable.    Is this the right approach?   Please advise,   Thank you