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Hi there,   Im new to Nintex workflow and would like to know how to setup a workflow to send an email notification to specific people at end of day when tasks are overdue. What should be at the beginning of my workflow? Please assist.

Hi everyone, I am trying to set up a workflow that sets a look up field value equal to another field in the same list. Users have been using this list and entering information into a field that SHOULD have been created as a look up but wasn't. I need to start using a look up field now and update it to match all the information that users have
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This 'how to' can be recreated in either Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2016, Nintex Workflow 2013 or Nintex Workflow 2010. There are a few ways to start a workflow. You can set a workflow to start manually, on a condition (list workflows), or automatically when an item is created. I'm going to walk you through each of these methods. You can also