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Hi every one, I wonder if anybody can give me a hint. I have the following constellation, List Master and a List Slave within the Slave List I have a Look up Element “Offer” which will look Item in the Master list. In the Slave List I create Workflow Tasks, what I’ am  trying to reach, List Master, List Slave and also the
In a notification (both independently, and in a task notification), I'll insert a link with reference token for both the URL and the hyperlink text.  If I save the notice & the workflow immediately, it appears to generate the correct text & href for the email.  However, if I open the notice again for any additional editing, the
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Hello All: I have a purchase requisition field within a Nintex Form and I need to set a rule that would allow either 8 or 9 digit length numbers.  I thought I would just set a form variable to make this determination at runtime using: length(MyPurchaseRequisitionField) However, after testing this using a calculated fielded on the form, I