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hello , i have been working on wrokflow for a while , it workf fine.  i update some fonctionnalites, and tiried to publish the workflow ,but i always receive this   and the workflow doesnot publish any new actions .   it refuse to publish the Workflow if i add a new action to it , !!!! this is the error :  soap: ServerThe

Is it possible to redirect user to different page, when trying to access others forms ?   I am trying to achieve a condition 'if employee is not equal to current user and if employee is not part of a SharePoint group(this will be Approvers), should redirect to different page'. Typically no one should have the access, once the form is
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I cannot seem to conditionally hide a button on a form (or on the ribbon) based on the value of a SharePoint list property?  I tried "expression" in the drop downs in button configuration but they seem to have no affect. (If I specify "No" in the same drop downs, it does work, so I think I'm changing the right configuration