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Hi All I have a flexi task which has reminders and escalation. The escalation is configured on some actions to approve after some elapsed time.  On other actions it is set to reject. I need to know if the task has been approved by the assignee, or auto-approved by the escalation. How do I do this? I tried to compare Last Task Respondent

Hi community,   I have a problem with counting items within a collection (there are three items in that collection), and I am already getting mad about this. I tried three different approaches:   First try (Regular Expression):   RESULT colFachabteilungen:
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I have a list named Network Carrier Master with the following columns: Country, Network, Current Carrier, Current Rate   I also have a form with similar fields: Country, Network, Current Carrier, Current Rate. The first 2 fields (Country and Network) are lookup controls and they work as I expect (the lookup lists are separate from