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Since the release of Nintex Forms (NF 2013 v2.3.1 and NF 2010 v1.5.1) there is the ability to hook up to a series of events on the filler. The following article is relevant to both Nintex Forms for SharePoint and Nintex Forms for Office 365.   Note: Update to the latest version Product Downloads (Submit a Support ticket if you don't have

Hello ,   i  would request for assistance to create a Site Workflow , where on the 1st month i would be sending notification for all the items in a single mail to the user who has created the items with Status as Pending And on the 2nd month if the items are still on Pending state delete the items from the list   i have been
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Good day everyone,   I have an interesting question for the form I'm currently working on. I want to display the person occupying a role in a workflow initiation form. Instead of modifying the form each time the person in that role changes, I'd like to perform a lookup on another list to retrieve that person's name.   I'm not having
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This tutorial is useful if you want to understand the basics of building a form in Nintex.   Author Emily Billing Long Description In this tutorial, we show you the steps to create your first Nintex Form. The first thing we cover is creating a SharePoint list for a travel request form, and lastly, we'll add in some simple customization.