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Why would a flexitask seem to freeze/crash on a task outcome?

Question asked by jpmhuls on Mar 12, 2018

Today I got a notification that an approval workflow crashed. The task is (re)created in a loop as long a certain outcome is selected; the new task is created with a 1 week delay. Today I got a notification that for a user the workflow failed and was canceled. As it turned out it seemed to create a new task while the outcome of the previous instance was not yet processed (my interpretation). For another task for the same assignee all seems to work fine, even after 2-3 loops. But I did find 3rd task for the same assignee where the workflow is waiting since the 31/12/2017 after the user provided an outcome and comments. What this and the first mentioned seem to have in common is that the comments contain URL to a document somewhere on the internet. EDIT: I did find a task which also seems to be in-between states where no URL is included in the Comments, but despite a selected Outcome, it is still saying Pending .


Looking at the associated task(s) they have the status completed but Outcome is Pending.....


Can indeed a URL in the Flexi Task comment cause, occasionally, the workflow to freeze? Does anyone recognize this behavior, and even more, has an explanation/a solution to this? It seems that my issue resembles the one for Shruti Patrabansh's issue in "Workflow outcome showing Pending even when approved".


NB: I had a look at Christopher Arroyo's post "Flexi Tasks Cancelling for No Reason", but permissions doesn't seem to be the cause, as other workflows for the same assignee seem to work properly.