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Required field indicators on form labels

Question asked by michaela on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by jherschel

When a label is associated with a control whose Validation settings set to Required = Yes, a red asterisk (*) is shown with the label as a visual indicator that this field is required.


However, the positioning of this indicator seems to be inconsistent as shown in the following image:



As you can see, the Title label appears by default when creating a new Nintex form on a list, and the * indicator appears immediately after the label text. However, with the two controls I manually inserted, each with Required = Yes, and their associated labels, the * indicator appears immediately below the label text.


Initially, I thought this was controlled via the default CSS being applied, but even when I apply the same CSS class to my manually inserted label (nf-form-label nf-section), the * indicator still appears below.


This leads me to think it has nothing to do with the CSS, and when I inspect the HTML of my manually inserted label I notice there's a <br> between the label text and the * indicator:


<label class="nf-label-control">
    "Label Text"
    <span class="ms-formvalidation" title="This is a required field.">
        " "


As a comparison, the Title label (which was inserted by default) has no <br> break tag at all.


So, how can I control the positioning of the * indicator within my labels or at least prevent the <br> from being inserted automatically?