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Why is Nintex Admin Certificate Practice Test Not representative of the Real Cert.

Question asked by sonisick on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2017 by sandy_s

On Saturday, I took the Practice Test and scored an 80%--not great--but I felt I had an idea of the questions.


On Sunday, I took the real exam and scored 177/300--passing was 180. I concur I did not know the material in the detail I would like and deserved my marks. However, I am miffed at the questions asked and the lack of adequate training material on the site.


The practice test utterly failed in exposing the breadth of the test.


Nowhere did I see an in-depth coverage of NWAdmin as related to SharePoint; detailed instructions of the install sequence; detailed instructions for configuring lazy approval; comprehensive coverage of restore procedures and Nintex Logs.


I'm not arguing for a better grade; I just want to know where to find this information before the next two weeks elapse--without methodically Googling every topic. Just downloading the NWAdmin Manual is not helpful and lacks an overview and working examples.



Stephan Onisick