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Purging Workflows / SharePoint / Nintex

Question asked by gbaker88 on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by akrasheninnikov



I am in the process of cleaning up our workflow history list which was previously at 4.7 million items. Down to 1.4 now woohoo. Anyways, this cleanup is completed through a backend powershell script that Microsoft assisted with.


With recently getting Nintex I came across the "purge" action and was hoping I could learn a little more about it. When going through Site Settings > Nintex > Manage workflow history lists I became curious if this may be easier than using the powershell script.


Would someone please explain to me what purging actually does in this instance? How would this affect the performance of the site? How long does it take?


Also noticed that the "Enabled for Nintex Workflow" is disabled for the SharePoint Workflow History list, would purging still work on this or is it only supposed to be utilized for Nintex workflows.


Appreciate the insight.