Cannot Open "Database Setup" In Central Administration After Configuration Database Migration

Document created by butlerj Support on Dec 18, 2018
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When accessing Setup Database in Central Administration, after a migration has been performed, the following error might occur:

Object reference is not set to an instance of an object.
First verify that the connection string shows the correct server and database name, using SharePoint 2013 Management Shell:
$farm = Get-SPFarm; $["NWConfigurationDataBaseName"];
  • If the server and database names are correct skip the next step.
If the string is incorrect run the following:
$farm = Get-SPFarm; $["NWConfigurationDataBaseName"]; $["NWConfigurationDataBaseName"] = ??; $farm.Update();
Try the Database Setup page again.

If the error still appears:

  1. Open SQL Manager and navigate to the Nintex Configuration database
  2. Go to: Tables > dbo.Databases > Right click "Select Top 1000 Rows"
If the server name is incorrect:
  1. Run the stored procedure (Programmability > Stored Procedures) "dbo._PrepareForNewEnvironment", this will purge all of the old data from the Databases and Storage tables.
  2. In Central Administration > Nintex Workflow Management > Database Setup, add the new Config and Content databases, please ensure that the "connect to an existing database" check box is selected.
This is due to an outdated connection string that contains an invalid server name or database. This could be an old server connection, or you may have the old server name in the Nintex Configuration Database table dbo.Databases.