February 2017 mission (a little late)

Document created by rickbakker on Mar 13, 2017
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This document describes how I solved the february 2017 mission (see the screenshot above for "proof").


I created 2 lists:

1. 'Patching 2017' based on the template 'Calendar'.

2. 'Rick Workflows' based on the template 'Custom List'.

The second list contained the list workflow (called 'Patching 2017') which added all entries for the year 2017 in the list 'Patching 2017'. The workflow was started on an item called 'Patching 2017'.


I created the solution in Nintex Workflow 2010 and added the workflow to this document.


Workflow description (high-level)

The workflow consists of 2 logical parts:

1. Determining the 2nd Tuesday of the month (per month).

2. Adding an item in the list 'Patching 2017' (per server per month).


When starting the workflow (abbreviated to WF), a value for the year has to be inserted (because this workflow is also useful in years to come ). The WF first sets a few collections.Then the WF uses a loop to loop through the months. Then the WF uses a loop to loop through the possible days. The only possible days are the 8th untill the 14th. After some juggling with strings and dates, the WF checks if the day is a Tuesday (using an inline function). When this is the case, the WF loops through all servers to add an item in the list 'Patching 2017'. The date used is based on the date of the 2nd Tuesday and an offset per server.


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