February Mission - Patching Days

Document created by jackgelo Champion on Feb 9, 2017
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I've approached Febrary mission building a list with a column title, in order to store in it the list of all the servers that need to be patched in addition to Server A, and how many days after server A they have to be patched.


After that, I've built a Site workflow that I can schedule every first day of the month. The workflow adds 7 days to current day, so it goes to the first possible second Tuesday. Then it checks if it's a Tuesday otherwise it adds an additional day until it find a Tuesday.

Once it has found the right date, it creates the item for Server A and it does a query on PatchServerSchedule to get all servers and days, inside a For Each I'll examine all the entries, calculate new date by adding days to second Tuesday and create events on the calendar.


Below you can find a sample of what I've got for January 2017

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