Create your own route and approve documents workflow

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In this guide, you will see how to create your own document approval workflow based on the {Template} Route and Approve Documents. This workflow responds to a new document by sending out an email notification that the document is ready for review, and depending on the email response of Approve or Reject, moves the document to the appropriate folder.


This template highlights how Nintex Workflow Cloud workflows connect to the Dropbox EFFS (Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing) system and automates email based document approvals. The workflow responds to a new document being added to a "Draft" folder by sending an approval request email to a selected reviewer, and moves the document to an "Approved" or "Rework" folder based on the response.


Process stepsFlowchart
  1. The workflow starts when a document is copied into the folder Draft.
  2. An email is sent to process stakeholders stating the workflow has started.
  3. An email with a link to the document is sent to the reviewer.
  4. If the reviewer replies Approved, the document is moved to the Approved folder and an email is sent to the originator.
  5. If the reviewer replies Rejected, the document is moved to the Rework folder and the originator gets an email, stating that the document needs to be reworked.



Quickstart with the template

  1. Create Draft, Rework and Approved folders in Dropbox 
  2. Create a connection to Dropbox from Nintex Workflow Cloud
  3. Use Save As to create a copy of the {Template} Approve and Route Documents.
  4. Select your Dropbox connection in the Start event and Move actions
  5. Set the NotificationEmail variable to your own email
  6. Publish and test the workflow