February Patching Mission

Document created by greenawayr Champion on Feb 2, 2017
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For this excellent challenge, I took the approach of scheduling a Site workflow to run on the first day of every month. 


I created a variable that I'd call my Date Check, this date would have a day added to it during each loop. The date would be converted into a friendly day (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc) on each run through the loop, and when that friendly day variable = Tuesday, a 1 would be added to an index. 




The loop will end when that Index = 2 and that would establish the date of the second Tuesday of the month. 


From this we can create our events in the calendar based on that date, with a calculate date action used to calculate the following dates for the other patches and creating those items.

Create Events


Here's a snippet of the History list as the loop is iterated through


and here are my events created in my SharePoint Calendar

and lastly the schedule

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