Contract Approval Scenario

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Contract approval processes with multiple reviewers are difficult to manage using email alone. Organizations often end up having someone physically run back and forth between reviewers with a folder full of redlined contracts. Manual work like this leads to wasted time, excessive spending on extra staff, and can still result in incorrect contracts that can end up in litigation.


With Nintex Workflow Cloud and business logic based on branching stages you can quickly create a workflow that automatically routes a request for contract approval between appropriate reviewers. Rather than having to code all of the possible paths between reviewers who approve or request changes to the contract, NWC stages allows you to focus on the response logic for each reviewer’s decisions, while the workflow takes care of shifting between reviewers. Each contract follows a workflow driven by the approval and rework decisions for that document alone. Some contracts will be approved by all reviewers and will follow the shortest possible workflow, while others will have multiple rework requests and may visit several reviewers multiple times.


As a result of using branching stages, you can quickly add or change reviewers and adjust the decision logic. This gives you the flexibility to adjust for changing conditions in the organization, market and regulation environment.  



The Workflow (click image to enlarge)

In a contract approval workflow with branching stages, the workflow’s responses are driven by the logic at each stage.

  1. The workflow starts when a contract is copied into the folder
  2. Stage 1: Initialization
    1. Get Opportunity Details
    2. Change to Stage 2
  3. Stage 2: Reviewer A
    1. The workflow sends an email to Reviewer A containing a link to the contract, and including the contents of variable ReviewMyRework asking for approval.
    2. If Reviewer A replies Yes, the workflow moves to Stage 3.
    3. If Reviewer A replies No, the document is moved to the Rejected folder and the workflow ends.
  4. Stage 3: Reviewer B
    1. The workflow sends an email to Reviewer B containing a link to the contract and asking for approval.
    2. If Reviewer B replies Yes, the workflow moves to Stage 4
    3. If Reviewer A replies No and the workflow moves back to Stage 2.
  5. Stage 4: Completion
    1. The workflow moves the contract to the Approved folder and the Set of stages ends
  6. The workflow ends

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