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This page lists known issues for Nintex Workflow Cloud. 

DateAreaKnown issueStatus
2016-09-22Forms and external startStart event variables of the type Integer do not appear in public web forms, manual start forms, or workflow definitions used for external start.Resolved
2016-09-22Variables (Boolean)Boolean variables are passed as Text when submitted via forms.Resolved
2016-09-22Nintex Mobile formsStart event variables of the type Integer are passed as Text when submitted via Nintex Mobile forms. Resolved
2016-09-22External startCollection variables are not available for start event configuration used in external start workflows.Resolved
2016-09-22Variables (DateTime)By default, time is included in variables of the type DateTime. When these variables populate date-only fields, the workflow fails.Resolved
2016-09-22User ManagementAny updates to a user's role only take effect after the target user signs out and signs in again (or when the target user establishes a new session).By design
2016-11-09Zendesk Create a ticket action

Limited fields available (no custom fields can be added):

Store ticket ID
2016-11-09Zendesk Update a ticket action

Limited scenarios available. The following scenarios are not supported.
Reassigning tickets (Assignee field is not functional; to use the Assignee ID field, select an integer variable [ensure that its value is set])
Adding comments to existing tickets (while the Description field creates comments for new tickets, the field is not functional for existing tickets)
Specifying due dates for tickets of the task type

2016-11-09Zendesk ticket actions

Custom fields inserted via Add fields are not supported.

2016-11-09Zendesk ticket actions

Duplicate fields are added for some standard fields (via Add fields). These duplicate fields must be tested to determine which one is functional.

2016-11-09Zendesk Retrieve a ticket action

Able to retrieve value with limitation

2016-11-18Sort items in collection action

When sorting number values, the sort order does not work as numbers are being stored as text values