Nintex Workflow 2016 - Release Notes

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For the product update process, see Nintex workflow 2016 update process


Product version:
Database version:
Release date: 23 March 2017




  • Removed the Action entitlement limits for subscription customers (requires this build to reflect the changes - reasonable use applies)

The following bugs were corrected:

  • Corrected the behaviour of a reusable workflow template losing conditions when it is published and re-opened (58666)

  • Restored the operation of the workflow chart viewer web-part (61416)


Product version:
Database version:
Release date: 19 January 2017



The following bugs were corrected:

  • A regular expression configured action was not running at run time (49019)
  • A regular expression did not retain a new line in the action configuration (51426)
  • When using a distribution list in the from-field of an email the SID is displayed and not its email address (56147)
  • Error when a "set a condition" action with and AND combined with a "Return type: as Double (58662)
  • Corrected an error message when a Document Template has been deleted prior to document generation action completion (59194)
  • Graphical history did not open if a "Copy to SharePoint" action was used in a German site (60687)


Product version:
Database version:
Release date: 8 December 2016



  • Document Generation Capability (Action)
    • Provides capability to create custom documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF with data, images and tables dynamically merged into tagged templates
    • Provides multi-template support with conditional template inclusion
    • Advanced document tagging capabilities
    • Output single or multiple files (pdf or original format)
  • Start workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud Action
    • New action providing the capability to start a workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud


The following bugs were corrected:

  • Fixed an issue where the Nintex workflow designer shows mixed English/International language when the SharePoint site is set to use an international language, region combination that is not supported (58672)


Product version:
Database version:
Release date: 2 November 2016



  • Allow additional connection string parameters for Nintex Content Databases e.g configure SQL Server 2012 as AlwaysOn
  • Provide an additional setting for tasks that are configured with multiple approvers (anyone to approve) to set the task completion to 100% for all task assignees when any one assignee completes the task.
  • Included additional root certificates in the installer for future certificate update


The following bugs were corrected:

  • Browser crashed on an Arabic site when configuring the Request Data action (34489)
  • Date formatting in Set Variable action not working (42917)
  • Workflow history with hidden actions defaults to "1899" completed date (45988)
  • Unable to set the value of variable using Set Variable action from a field (47117)
  • People picker icon in Filter action not showing the reference icon after re-opening the workflow (47790)
  • DeleteWorkflow Webservice throws NullReferenceException error (48380)
  • Conditional start does not work with a calculated value field with negative currency values (48603)
  • Web Request method fails to call custom API while fiddler is working (49076)
  • Site Workflow schedule doesn't work as expected when it is scheduled on only working days (35460)
  • Bulgarian Sites break a number of workflow actions (40760)
  • Condition workflow start on modified not working with "Check In Comment" field (41949)
  • Edited hyperlinks in Rich Text editor using the Edit Source option does not save the value (45998)
  • The Scheduled Workflows page when accessed from 'Site Settings' page does not load correctly (50009)
  • Site Settings > Purge dialog in Manage Workflow History list page does not load correctly (50028)
  • Host named site collections not working in links created after using AddZoneSetting (51352)
  • Nintex Workflow Designer shows incorrect Danish translations and the wrong version (52083)


Product version:
Database version:
Release date: 11 July 2016


This first release of Nintex for Sharepoint 2016 includes the following features.

  • Consolidated Installer and licensing (Workflow and Forms) for easier installation and license management
  • Re-organized Central Administration pages for easier configuration and administration
  • Toolbox redesign and icon refresh aligned to Sharepoint 2016 and easy action search.
  • Online Help for current and extensible help (offline help option also catered for).
  • Modern Browser compatibility - IE10,11; Chrome; Firefox; Safari; Edge
  • Additional flexible licensing option to facilitate adding SharePoint online
  • Incorporation of the External Start capability to allow initiation of workflows from the cloud