May Mission - Hiding the ribbon

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Hi all,


Here's a simple but effective form we use here at Provoke.  If someone has to leave our social club we have a fancy workflow that changes groups in active directory and informs payroll and other cool things.  All the form needs to do is make sure that person really wants to leave the social club.  So when they first load the form the save button is hidden.  It looks like this:




It is not until they've ticked that confirm box that the submit button appears:



It's extremely easy to set that up.  I've named the tick box control ctrlConfirmation and written a rule to hide the Save button if that box hasn't been ticked.



That worked perfectly except the same Save and Cancel buttons appear in the ribbon by default:



The hide function unfortunately does not hide the save button in the ribbon.  Not to worry!  By the power of JavaScript, I am able to hide the button.  I tried that but it looked a little strange with the save button always missing so I decided that I'd just hide the whole ribbon for this form.  Nice and simple, nice and clean.



Some of you may have already thought of another way to approach this same problem - put some extra validation on the ctrlConfirmation control and force it to be ticked.  That would work just as well.