Nintex Xchange™ FAQ's

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General Information


What is the Nintex Xchange?

The Xchange is your one-stop-place to find and try assets available on the Nintex Platform.


What are Xchange Assets?

         Assets can be viewed as building blocks based on the Nintex platform.  The below are the defined asset categories for Nintex:


Asset Icon/NameAsset DescriptionProduct Compatibility



workflow actions that gives users the ability to connect to external systems via a pre-built web service call.

Nintex Workflow

2010 | 2013 | 2016

Office 365

Course or Resource


documents and resources that help users with Nintex.

All products and platforms

Custom Actions


a custom workflow action that can be deployed on SharePoint Server and surfaced within the workflow designer.

Nintex Workflow

2010 | 2013 | 2016

Custom Code


any form of code that can be used with a Nintex product (e.g.: Jquery, JavaScript, REST, CSS, HTML)

All products and platforms

Document Generation Templates


templates built in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or PDFs that can be used with Document Generation in O365 or Salesforce.

Nintex Workflow

Office 365



Form Templates


form designs exported from Nintex and contains a related SharePoint list for data capture.  Also mobile app form, list and business logic for a mobile app

Nintex Forms

2010 | 2013 | 2016

Office 365

User Defined Actions


an exported reusable set of Nintex workflow actions bundled together

Nintex Workflow

2010 | 2013 | 2016



a set of assets packaged together to perform a business process when connected together as a unit (e.g.: list, form, workflow and business logic for a retail survey)Nintex Forms

2010 | 2013 | 2016

Office 365

Workflow Templates


workflow designs exported from Nintex that contain pre-configured and organized workflow actions and logic.Nintex Forms

2010 | 2013 | 2016

Office 365

When will the Nintex Xchange be available?

The Xchange will be live in 2016!


What kinds of things can I find in the Nintex Xchange?

The assets you’ll find include User Defined Actions, custom code samples (CSS, JavaScript, and PowerShell), workflow templates and form templates.


How do I search/filter Xchange to find an asset?

The categories using the and operator to display specific assets based on the categories selected.  This means that if you select two categories, it will only display assets that contain both categories selected. This may be a little tricky to figure out, but the recommendation is to start with one category in each section - platform, asset type, horizontal workload, and industry sector. 


Who creates assets for the Nintex Xchange?

Assets are created by Nintex partners, customers and community users.  Some assets are created by Nintex employees, but should not be treated any differently than any other asset availble via Xchange.


Will the assets be free?

Most assets will be free; however, approved Nintex partners can register assets that allow you to testnavigate to their sites for more information and how to purchase them.

Are assets available worldwide?

I’m interested in building an asset… how do I start?

To start, you must be a registered member of Nintex connect. 


How to contact a contributor?

How to find a Nintex Partner?


Getting and Using Assets


How to use the Xchange?

How do I get a solution?

How do I download an asset?

What version of the Nintex do I need to use for the assets?

Can I use assets with all my Nintex Products?

How do assets get into Xchange?

How do I get technical support for an asset I downloaded?

How to install as asset?

How to install a solution?

Troubleshooting your install?


Quality & Performance


Is there quality control? Are assets reviewed?

Will Nintex support anything in Xchange?

Can I list something for sale on Xchange?

Can I trust third-party assets?

Pricing & Licensing

What will assets in Xchange cost?


Still have questions or Feedback?

Contact Eric Harris

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