March Mission 2016 - finding stuff

Document created by chris.ben Champion on Mar 29, 2016
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Hi Frank,


Happy Easter!  Here's what we get down under.


  1. Top 3 content items for workflow and then sorted:
    1. Forms Film Festival Ep 4: Task Forms
  2. Eight people who talk about forms:
    1. Amanda Oldring
    2. Mohamed Gathoo
    3. Eric Rhodes
    4. Andrew Glasser (of course Andrew was going to appear in a search hit!) ;-)
    5. Mike Matsako
    6. Vadim Tabakman
    7. Palesa Sikwane
    8. Sean Fiene (how fitting - Sean is helping me out with a forms challenge right now!)
  3. Vadim's first blog post: Regular Expressions in Nintex Workflow
  4. 35th person linked to "nintex mobile" Steve Maccharoli
  5. Most recent state machine blog post.  Well I actually found the March Mission but ignoring that, let's go with State Machine by Example
  6. Dynamic content: Suggestions, History, Bookmarks.  I have 21 of those puppies!