March's Scavenger Hunt

Document created by emha Champion on Mar 1, 2016
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1.Post links to the top three content items you find if you search "workflow" and then sort by "last modified"

Scavenger Hunt…

March Mission - Scavenger Hunt!



2. What eight people show up if you use Dynamic Search* for "forms" and then hover over the "people" list?  Please @mention them in your document in Nintex Gallery.

Mohamed Gathoo

Andrew Glasser

Eric Rhodes

Mike Matsako

Vadim Tabakman

Palesa Sikwane

Andrew Beals

Sean Fiene



3. Link the first blog post Vadim Tabakman posted in this community.

Regular Expressions in Nintex Workflow




4.  If you search for "nintex mobile," who's the 35th entry when filtered for "people," and what's this person holding in his/her profile picture?

35th is Tim Walwyn

I'm not sure how to understand "what's this person "holding" in his/her profile picture"...

he is 'holding' face photo in profile picture, but it's not visible what does he is 'holding' in hands...



5. Link to the most recent blog post you find related to the "state machine."

as well not clear what "related" should mean...

if it's enough, article just mention "state machine" then it is March Mission - Scavenger Hunt!

if it should mean something like article content elaborates on "state machine" then State Machine by Example



When using Dynamic Search, there are three categories listed before you even type in a term. What are they? Write down the number of listings you personally have under the third category.


categories: Suggestions History Bookmarks

I have zero bookmarks