How to: O365 Pass ‘DateTime’ values across different Sites

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We have had a number of cases where customers were unable to pass ‘DateTime’ values between their different Sites/Site Collections in O365. This was due to the data being passed across in the incorrect format.


Example error message produced

"Some parameters failed the validation check. - [InputMetaDataXml] : Value ‘01.10.2015 00:00:00’ for field ‘XXXXX’ type DateTime must be ISO format."


You need to pass the information in the correct format. You will want to utilize the ISO Format for passing ‘DateTime’ values.


Here is the scenario of my example:


I have a ‘DateTime’ value set in ‘Site Collection A’ which I wish to pass over via workflow to ‘Site Collection B’

I create a ‘Date/Time’ variable on the workflow in ‘Site Collection A’ and set that variable based on the value I wish to pass, in my example I simply used the ‘Date when the action is executed’ option.




I then configure the action to pass over the information to the list on ‘Site Collection B’. In my example I use the ‘Office 365 Create List Item or Document Set’ action however this principle will work with other actions such as ‘O365 Update List Item’.


Reference the field you wish to update and define the value as the Date Variable you created by selecting ‘Advanced Lookup’ > ‘Equals’ > ‘Workflow Variables’ > ‘DateTime Variable’ and then select the ‘Format’ option to define the value as ‘ISO Formatted’