New 2016 Community Levels Explained

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Hello, Community!


If you've been a member since before Jan. 1, 2016, you probably noticed that there are various levels of accomplishment associated with the points you accrue on the Nintex Connect community.  Last year's theme was transportation.  This year, we're feeling adventurous, so we've given an adventure theme to the names of the various levels you can achieve.


They are: Dreamer, Wayfarer, Ship Designer, Ship Builder, Scout, Ranger, Explorer, Navigator, Cartographer, Adventurer and Sherpa. That'll go from grey to green in your profile as you climb the ladder.






Every adventure begins with a dream, so we're all Dreamers when we start out on our community.


Beyond that, arguably the most-respected people among the highest-reaching adventurers are sherpas.

So, we made the highest-possible ranking the Sherpa.









To make each level more meaningful, each level gets harder and harder to attain.


That's because as you climb the ladder, those hard-earned points correspond to an ever more valuable set of experiences.


If you become a Scout, you'll certainly know your way around the community. If you become a Navigator, you'll probably know your way around Nintex products quite well.  Those who become Cartographers can chart a course for others, and probably even the company.  Sherpas, if any members even attain that level will undoubtedly earn respect well beyond the confines of Nintex Connect.




You can find these rankings by visiting your profile.  Head up to your avatar and click to get the drop-down options.



When you get to your profile, you can click on the points beneath your photo.




While you're there, you can also see your Missions, Rankings and Places where you're active.


I hope you enjoy your experience in the community.  And I hope you climb to sherpa-like heights!




Your community manager