[x] is not a parameter for procedure [y] error in ULS log

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System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: [x] is not a parameter for procedure [y] is encountered in the ULS logs due to either Nintex Forms or Workflow databases not being up to date.


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Seeing an "Unexpected" level exception in the ULS logs that resembles the following form: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: @{parameterName} is not a parameter for procedure {procedureName}


The symptom suggests that a certain DB stored procedure is being called incorrectly, which implies that the DB and the program (NW/NF) calling the DB are expecting different versions of a stored procedure. Can especially happen post-update/upgrade.


Typically this is due to the database not being up to date (presumably the @{parameterName} parameter was added to that stored procedure in some future-but-not-the-existing-version of the database schema). The code on the SharePoint side is “up to date” and is expecting to push the @{parameterName} parameter to SQL, but our out-of-date database version isn’t sure how to handle it.

You should be able to update the database version (and schema) from Central Administration > Nintex Product Management > Database Settings (or force it with NWAdmin -o UpgradeDatabases. Refer to the NWAdmin manual for more detail).