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Hello Community!


This week, we have a new product announcement, an update to the Nintex Workflow SDK (including a preview of what's to come), new content in the Nintex Learning Center, and some unanswered questions that may prompt you to chime in.


Product Announcement!

We released an update to Nintex Mobile Enterprise this week.  There are two key features.  Now you can:

  • Create line-of-business-targeted Apps. using the tools you are already familiar with (Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms)
  • Give your business users access to only the forms and workflows that are relevant to them, on their device, via a manageable and governable solution

Find all the features, release notes and a video explaining the update here: New Release! Nintex Mobile Enterprise - September 16, 2015


Are you lazy? You'll like this

We also want you to know about the Nintex Office Add-In, which has a nifty enhancement for Lazy Approvals. You can now interact directly with a Lazy Approval-enabled task inside your Outlook 2013/2016 client or in the Outlook web app. Neat! Read more here: Announcing: Nintex Add-in for Outlook


Don't miss a product announcement

By signing up for notifications on new product releases, you'll never miss a product announcement.  Have a look at this post on how to Customizing your Community Activity Stream for the product release blog posts.


Nintex Learning Center


We are regularly adding content to The Nintex Learning Center!

if you haven't already accessed it, find out how here: The specified item was not found.


There are certification courses you can take to prove you are skilled at creating and managing Nintex workflows and forms.

The Workflow Pro Certificate is for skilled users and covers designing, creating and debugging Nintex workflows and forms. It doesn't require IT pro or dev skills or even administrator access to SharePoint systems.

You can also earn a Workflow Admin Certificate for IT pros who will be installing, configuring and supporting Nintex installations.


Go get your bragging rights!


Nintex Workflow SDK Update:

This week, Dennis Kennedy's update to the SDK is about workflow views, the context in which a workflow action is displayed.

Check out Nintex Workflow 2013 SDK weekly update - 24th September 2015 to find out what Dennis is planning for future updates!


Cool Community Content

Are you a Trekkie or just an adventurous Nintex Mobile Enterprise user? Bodly go where no man has gone before: into the mind of Daniel Stoll, who offers up a themed look at the new product release in this blog post: These are the voyages of the Nintex Mobile Enterprise. (Get it? "Enterprise?" We slay us!")

Unanswered Questions

It feels good to help someone out (and watch your point total climb!).  So, take a look at the three questions below and see if you have a solution. It's especially helpful to the Community if you remember to mark answers that are correct. So, um... how's your Karma doing? 


Kevin Stouthandel asks: " How can i delete a file within a documentset?

Julien Gares was having trouble with Nintex Mobile - Getting User profile details

Duane Stavropoulos has been working very hard to Automate Configuration of Site and System Master Pages


I hope you have a fun and fantastic weekend!

Frank, your Community Manager