Nintex Forms for Office 365 - Release Notes

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The release history outlines the key feature changes in the Nintex Forms for Office 365 service. It is not an exhaustive list of enhancements or bug fixes.

8th March 2017
  • Added the Managed Metadata control


20th July 2016
  • Added Print to PDF (Enterprise only)
  • Added Lookup runtime function
  • Added Control alignment to the control toolbar
  • New Nintex Mobile layouts will now default to a 40x40 grid
10th March 2016
  • Changed the Form file type from XML to NFP
    • Exporting from the designer is now an NFP package
    • Export all forms will now include NFP files
    • XML files are still supported in import
30th July 2015
  • Introduction of Task Forms support for Nintex Workflow for Office 365
    • Create customised task forms for Workflow tasks (Start a Task Process & Assign a Task)
    • Requires updated version of Nintex Forms for Office 365 app
  • Support for Multiple Attachments
  • Improved Attachment Validation
22nd April 2015
  • List Lookup Control Improvements
    • Inclusion of radio buttons, checkboxes and default multi-select display formats.
    • Inclusion of Filtering options.
    • Support for cascading lookups.
    • Support for filtering/cascading lookups inside Repeating Section controls.
  • Support for barcode scanning in Nintex Mobile
  • Addition of Geolocation control to set of Form Controls.


16th February 2015
  • Performance improvements in List Lookup control.
  • Support for List Lookup control using the Nintex Mobile apps.


2nd February 2015
      • This version includes Mobile phone browser device layout support: optimize forms for mobile phone browsers and view these on mobile devices.

      • Performance improvements

      • NOTE: You must update the Nintex Forms app in SharePoint online to access this new functionality.


29th October 2014
      • Introduced Nintex Forms Admin menu for Site Owners:
        • Added Base Forms functionality to allow for site-specific branding.
        • The Export all forms option is now limited to the current site.
        • The Unpublish all forms option is now limited to the current site.


27th August 2014
      • Added ability to publish List Forms to the Nintex Mobile App (Nintex Mobile App version 3.0 or above required)


25th June 2014
      • Added Validation Rules functionality
      • Added the ability to include People control in repeating sections
      • Enhanced runtime function
        • Added Round()
      • Added a set of date manipulation runtime functions
        • dateAddMonths(date, monthsToAdd)
        • dateAddDays(date, daysToAdd)
        • dateAddHours(date, hoursToAdd)
        • dateAddMinutes(date, minutesToAdd)
        • date(day, month, year, hours, minutes)


24th January 2014
      • Release of version in the SharePoint App Store.


21st January 2014
      • Added Create Column from designer functionality
      • Added support for multiple content types on a SharePoint list
      • Additional options in Save and Publish dropdowns
      • Included Format Painter functionality


2nd January 2014
      • Added the ability for workflows to be imported/exported between Office 365 lists, libraries and sites.
      • Added an improved variable experience allowing variable creation from within an action dialog.
      • Added support for Initiator Token Display Name, Email and Login tokens.
      • Added the What's New page that is automatically displayed when a use logs in.


28th October 2013
      • Initial release of version in the SharePoint App Store.