Updating Nintex for SharePoint - What you need to know

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What you need to know when performing a product update:

Applies to the following products:

  • Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2013 / 2010
  • Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2013 / 2010
  • Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2013 / 2010


For Nintex for SharePoint 2016, see: https://community.nintex.com/docs/DOC-5981-nintex-workflow-2016-product-update-process


1) You need Software Assurance to perform a product update.

To check if you have a valid Software Assurance contract in place, navigate to SharePoint Central Administration, open the Nintex Workflow Management section, and click on Licensing. If the Software Assurance or Premium Support expiry date is in the future, you'll be able to access the product update.


2) Once you update, you will not be able to rollback to a previous version

When you perform an upgrade, changes are normally made to the database schema. Unfortunately those changes mean there is no easy rollback method that we can recommend or support.


3) Product updates will not remove any existing content form your SharePoint environment (i..e workflows and forms*).

*Extra note for Nintex Forms

If you have any custom controls and JavaScript which have been configured in your environment, we recommend you test these after updating to ensure they have not been affected by the update as functionality may have changed.


4) SharePoint Install Account

Ensure the user account that is performing the Installation/Deployment (Windows user as well user logged into Central Administration) is the Farm Installation account and that it is a Local Administrator on the Server you are installing on. For information on how to set the farm install account, see Troubleshooting Nintex Deployments


5) Read the Product Release notes

The product release notes contain important information regarding product updates and bug fixes, it's recommended you always read the version history before updating.


6) Perform an install outside regular office hours

When you install Nintex products, it will cause an IIS reset. We recommend you install Nintex products outside regular office hours.


7) Nintex Live considerations

If you were running Nintex Live previously, ensure the Nintex Live checkbox in the installer is checked to ensure Nintex Live is also updated.


8) Database Update

Ensure you perform the database update step if applicable. If a product update requires a database update, this will be specified in the Release Notes.


To update the database: Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration. In the Quick Launch menu, click Nintex Workflow Management and then Database Setup. If a database update is available it will be indicated in green with an option to “Update now” . Click on Update now.


9) English version vs. International version?

Do you need the English version or the International version? International versions are not always the same build release as the English version. You can check this by going to the licensing page Nintex Licensing Information.


Download the New Installers

To download a new version, you will need to have a valid Software Assurance or Premium Support contract in place.

Head to Product Downloads. Submit a Support ticket if you don't have access to the Downloads page.


Release Notes

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint

Nintex Workflow 2013 - Release NotesNintex Workflow 2013 - Product Update Process

Nintex Workflow 2010 - Release Notes / Nintex Workflow 2010 - Product Update Process

Note for Nintex Workflow 2010: You will need to uninstall the current build from the SharePoint Control Panel, and re-install the new build.


Nintex Forms for SharePoint

Nintex Forms 2013 - Release NotesNintex Forms 2013 - Product Update Process 

Nintex Forms 2010 - Release NotesNintex Forms 2010 - Product Update Process 



Nintex Workflow for Project Server - SharePoint

Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2013 - Release Notes

Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2010 - Release NotesNintex Workflow for Project Server 2010 - Product Update Process

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