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Things you should know before performing a brand new install


1) Required Accounts and Services

  1. SharePoint Install account
    Ensure the user account that is performing the Installation/Deployment (Windows user as well user logged into Central Administration) is the Farm Installation account and that it is a Local Administrator on the Server you are installing on. For information on how to set the farm install account, see Troubleshooting Nintex Deployments
  2. Database Roles (App pool account)
    Content web application accounts: Each content web application identity must be a member of the custom database role WSS_Content_Application_Pools. This role has all required SELECT and EXECUTE rights to the database. A setup step in the Nintex Workflow installation process adds the content web application pool identity to this role.
  3. Ensure SharePoint Timer Service (OWSTIMER) is running on all servers in the farm. For more details, see Troubleshooting Nintex Deployments.
  4. Ensure SharePoint Admin Service is running on all servers in the farm. For more details, see Troubleshooting Nintex Deployments.


2) What services do workflows run on? How should I configure my environment to run workflows?

Nintex has hard requirements on services required to run on servers. Every server that has the ‘Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service’ is going to be in a pool of servers that can/will process Nintex Workflows. SharePoint uses a round robin system to determine which server will process workflows so there is no real way to limit/configure this functionality other than to turn the service on/off on servers according to your requirements. Each server that is configured to process workflows needs to have the ‘Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application’ service running. Nintex workflows make references to this service at runtime, if the assemblies are not available to Nintex, the workflow will fail (this can manifest as a workflow that runs successfully only part of the time).

For additional information on the services required to run workflows Workflows and the SharePoint services required to run them


3) How should you license the servers on your environment before installing Nintex Workflow or Nintex Forms?

To understand how to license the servers on your environment, see here Quick Guide to SharePoint Licenses for Nintex Deployments.


4) User Account Control (UAC)

On occasion, you may face installation issues if your UAC is turned on. We recommend UAC is turned off before an installation, and then re-enabled when installation is complete. For more details, see Troubleshooting Nintex Deployments


5) Installing Nintex on a multi server farm

For details on how to install Nintex Workflow on a multi server farm, see here.


6) Using a Test Environment

We recommend you install Nintex products on a test environment prior to installing on your production environment.


7) Perform an install outside regular office hours

When you install Nintex products, it will cause an IIS reset. We recommend you install Nintex products outside regular office hours.


8) Do I need the English version or the international version?

Links to the English and international versions of the installation guides are below.


9) Troubleshooting Installation issues

Having trouble installing Nintex products? Have a look here Troubleshooting Nintex Deployments


Installation Guides

Nintex for Office 365

Downloading the Nintex Workflow for Office 365 App

Downloading the Nintex Forms for Office 365 App


Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for SharePoint

Installing Nintex Workflow 2016 and Nintex Forms 2016

Installing Nintex Workflow 2013 and Nintex Forms 2013

Installing Nintex Workflow 2010 and Nintex Forms 2010



Project Server for SharePoint

Installing Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2013

Installing Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2010 or NW4PS2010 International



International Installation Guides

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2016 and Nintex Forms International Installation Guides

or NW2013 International / NF2013 International

or NW2010 International / NF2010 International

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