Using the Assign Flexi Task action

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Relevant to both Nintex Workflow 2013 and Nintex Workflow 2010.


In this article, we demonstrate how to store outcomes achieved in the Assign Flexi task action, and we also describe the workflow behavior when the selected outcome is set to All must agree.


When the Assign Flexi task action is set to All must agree and no outcome has been agreed upon, the workflow will continue to run without a set outcome and without an approval path being executed. If users are unable to agree, then no default outcome is selected.

Unlike the Request approval action where the outcome can be either Approve or Reject, the Assign Flexi task action can have multiple outcomes; If users do not agree, there is no default choice. When configuring the Assign Flexi task action, you can store a value of an outcome. For Example, yes/no variable if all users agreed.


Create a Tasks List

Create a SharePoint tasks list and add an item within the list. Enter any values you wish.


Create a New Workflow

  1. Open the workflow designer and add an Assign Flexi Task workflow action to the design canvas.
  2. Double-click on the action to open the configuration dialog.


Create Workflow Variables for this action

  1. In the Ribbon, click on Variables, and then New.
  2. In the Name field, type “outcome result”. Click Save.
  3. Create a second variable named “outcome chosen”, of the type Yes/No.


Configure the Assign Flexi Task action

  1. In the Assignees field, click on the People Picker icon. Search for the SharePoint group who will assign the approval tasks.
  2. In the Outcomes section, click on Add outcome. In the Name box, type “Rework” and click OK.
  3. In the Behavior section, select the All must agree option.
  4. In the Store outcome in drop-down menu, select the outcome result workflow variable.
  5. In the Store outcome achieved in drop-down menu, select the outcome chosen workflow variable. Save the action.


Add a Set a Condition action

This action will be configured to create a condition based on the Outcome Chosen (yes/no) variable. Drag a Set a condition action onto the design canvas. Double-click to open the configuration dialog.

  1. In the Condition drop-down menu, select If any value equals value.
  2. In the Where drop-down menu, select Workflow Data and then select outcome chosen.

set.pngAdd two Log in History list action

The final step is to place two Log in History List actions onto the right and left branches of the Set a Condition action. This action will log the workflow outcome in the workflow history list.

  1. Open the Log in history list action on the left branch. Type “Approvers weren’t able to agree on an outcome (NO)” and click Save.
  2. Open the Log in history list on the right branch. Type “Task approved” and click Save.
  3. Save and Publish the workflow.


The final workflow should look like this.


If the outcome chosen variable equals No, then no outcome was achieved, and if it equals Yes then an outcome was achieved. Additional action(s) for your workflow can now be added as needed.


The Workflow History

You can see in the following workflow image, as soon as one user rejects the document, the Assign Flexi task completes as there was an All must agree condition. The outcome is stored as No in the outcome chosen variable and the Set item condition action then continues down the left branch to the Log in history list action.


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