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What platforms does Nintex Mobile support?

Nintex Mobile is available on all major mobile platforms.

  • Apple iOS 9.1 or higher (iPhone, iPad and iPod)
  • Microsoft Windows RT and Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 8
  • Android 5.x


What are the software and hardware requirements for using Nintex Mobile?

The Nintex Mobile apps display tasks and forms created with Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013. The Nintex Mobile apps will also display forms created with Nintex Forms for Office 365 in your Office 365 tenancy.


How much does Nintex Mobile cost?

The Nintex Mobile apps are free to download from the respective app stores. You may incur internet connectivity costs from your network provider when connecting to your SharePoint portal from the Nintex Mobile apps.


Usage of Nintex Mobile apps is subject to a fair-use policy when using Nintex Live as a gateway to your SharePoint portal.

How can I try Nintex Mobile?

If you are already a Nintex Forms customer, simply download the Nintex Mobile apps from any of the following App Stores on your mobile device to start using them.


     Google play Store

     Apple App Store

     Windows Store

     Windows Phone Store


If you are new to Nintex products, download the Nintex Mobile App and request a trial account directly from the first screen of the mobile apps. We will provision a site for you with everything necessary to try Nintex Mobile for 30 days. Please refer to Getting Started with Nintex Mobile Apps for recommendations and tips on how to design mobile forms.


What languages does Nintex Mobile support?

The Nintex Mobile apps are available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.


Can I personalize Nintex Mobile?

Yes! You can create a customized app with your own logos and branding. For more information, see Intro to Nintex Mobile Enterprise (NME).


Can I distribute the Nintex Mobile apps to my own users?

Currently, Nintex Mobile apps are only distributed through their respective App Stores. Download and installation is straightforward, much like other mobile apps available in the Windows Store, the Windows Phone Store, the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


If you have specific requirements for distributing Nintex Mobile via alternative channels, please contact Nintex Support for details, and we will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you.



How much data is used by the Nintex Mobile apps?

It is difficult to estimate the volume of data generated by the Nintex Mobile apps when communicating with SharePoint, as size and complexity of forms do influence the amount of data transferred. Any data transfer between Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile is compressed to optimize the mobile bandwidth allocation, and Nintex Mobile app users can resize images when submitting forms in order to reduce the volume of data transferred to SharePoint. In addition, icons, attachments and form definitions, once synched to Nintex Mobile apps, are stored locally to the mobile device, saving further roundtrips to the server.


On average, form definitions are very small and use a few Kb of data, excluding attachments. This allows for thousands of forms and tasks to be transferred for a few Mb of data transfer. If bandwidth costs are a concern, the Nintex Mobile apps can work offline, i.e. without being connected to the network. This option is ideal when dealing with a limited or metered connection. Users are not prevented from filling in forms and responding to tasks, and they can synch their work when they are online again on a more suitable connection.


Is Nintex Mobile secure?

Nintex Mobile supports communication over HTTPS. Using this secure protocol, data transferred to the Nintex Mobile apps is encrypted and any sensitive information is secured. Data stored on the mobile device is additionally secured by the protection level of the mobile operating system.


On iOS devices, the data is encrypted by using the Apple Data Protection API when the device is protected with a passcode. On Windows, Nintex Mobile benefits of the operating system built-in encryption called BitLocker, when available and installed on the device, and does not need an additional level of protection within the app. Communication between Nintex Mobile and Nintex Live as a gateway to your SharePoint portal always occurs over HTTPS. As such, the use of Nintex Live as intermediary between the Nintex Mobile apps and your SharePoint server may be the preferred option.


Are there any differences when I use Nintex Mobile apps with Office 365?

When connected to Office 365, the Nintex Mobile apps will only surface forms created by Nintex Forms for Office 365. The task functionality seen when connected to SharePoint on-premises farms is not currently available.

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