• Form validation that requires 4 characters

    Hello I have a single line text field which has a maximum of 4 characters called 'Ops ID'.  What would a regular expression in a Nintex form validation be that requires all 4 characters to be provided?   a...
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  • XML error with Nintex Forms List form web part

    Hello,   I am trying to build a site page on my sharepoint site with a few lists on it. The user will select from one list, which will filter and narrow down the results on a second list. Then they will select o...
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  • Nintex workflow fn-Replace() function not working

    Hi   I am trying to use fn-Replace(PeopleNotify,s,t) function on NIntex workflow -->update item.. For some reason it is not working . 'PeopleNotify' is a list item.     I tried another function fn...
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  • Creating a table in nintex

    Does anybody has any ideas to get a table like this in Nintex I need to do some simple math calculation like division , average etc too on this table
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  • State Machine with Assign Flexi task action Multiple Assignee's and 3 outcomes

    I have a 3 stage workflow   1. Developer Stage 2. Business Stage 3. Management Stage   When I assign a Flexi task I have 3 outcomes Approve, Reject & Rework with multiple assignee & all must...
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  • Reminder stop working at Pause Until

    Hi We have facing an intermittent workflow incomplete issue due to the reminder stop working at “Pause until” action. The workflows was work like this: Send notification to person A to take some action ou...
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  • How to configure Workflow Tasks to wait for ALL assignees to respond?

    Despite all the configurable settings of a Flexi/Approval/Todo task, I keep experiencing (as others do going through the various posts) an unwanted behavior: depending of the outcomes received so far, other users may ...
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  • How to Query a List By URL

    I'm using SharePoint 2010 and Nintex workflow 2010.    I have a workflow that I want to re-use each month.   Each month i will create a list with this name format: [MonthName] [Year] Report.  ...
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  • Nintex 365 Form validation based on two choice fields?

    I know this is probably easy, but I'm having some poor brain function.   I have a form that has two choice fields (among others).    In choice field 1, there are two choices:   Funded Unfunded ...
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  • Query LDAP

    Hi All,   I am just trying to see if a users email exists in our Active Directory. I seem to be having trouble getting any results. I am sure its something I am doing wrong.   I am using (&(objectClas...
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  • Date filter in query list action not working

    I am doing a list query and using the filter within that action to narrow down my results. I am trying to filter out anything with a date that has not occurred yet. So I use the filter and select my date field I want ...
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  • Unhide control for a set time

    I have a lookup control that when selected will pre-load a repeating section (thanks to Paul Crawford).   However now that I have implemented all my validation/hide rules on the repeating rows there is...
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  • Workflow Tasks - no Approve / Reject button

    I created a workflow some time ago that ran as expected.  The workflow creates tasks of content type 'Nintex Workflow Multi Outcome Task'. The workflow also created To do's. I remember that I changed the column...
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  • How to conditionally sum up the values from a repeating section

    Happy New Year!!! So, long story short.. (maybe )   LAY OF THE LAND We have a form with a repeating section. In the repeating section there are four controls. The two of primary concern for this question...
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  • How to write the conditional if statement in word with OR and AND operator ?

    I am using Nintex Docgen for salesforce . So how we can use a OR and AND operator in the conditional if statement in word .   Thanks
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  • How to check if a library exists in another site.

    Hello, Im fairly new to nintex so i will try to make this as clear as possible. I have a library that sends any file put in it to another one (destination is in a list.). Everything is working fine. But i want to c...
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  • Invalid Text Value error from SQL Control

    I have a SQL control that is setup as a check box (multiple-selection).  The possible selections are quite lengthy and quickly fill up the 255 character limit.  When you do attempt to save a form, you receiv...
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  • Old Items - extract form data

    We have a request from business to extract the repeating section from our form. The form goes back two years and is used daily. The form was not setup to push the repeating section data into another column so we could...
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  • How do you designate the assigned use of a workflow as "development" in SharePoint 2013 On Premises?

    I've seen postings on how to designate the assigned use of a workflow in Nintex for Office 365 but have not been able to find anything on how to do that in Nintex for SharePoint 2013.  When I publish a workflow, ...
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  • New Form in responsive design errored fcn SUM()

    Hi I noticed that when I have new form in responsive design and need get total currency with sum() from amounts in repeated section. (I use here calculated values based on lookup drop down) It shows only first amount...
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