• An Expense App with Nintex

    Hello everyone,   I'm very delighted to share with you the forms built for an expense application for one of our Customer in an OnPrem SharePoint 2013 environment. A lot of CSS has been written to change the lo...
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  • Nintex Forms  Hide the ribbon

    Hey guys hiding the ribbon with Nintex Forms 2013  is easy  is simple and sweet.   Open Nintex form Select Code   NWF$("#s4-ribbonrow").hide();   Enjoy !!!
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  • Is there anyway that the Auto ID can be link to item

    I have been assigned to do Sharepoint, already set up all the needed things. WF. But have query if Auto-ID can be a link to item. I need to have the ID to be clickable like Context ID Display Name.    Any h...
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  • InfoPath - time change after daylight saving - fixed!

    For a long time, we have been plagued by times in InfoPath forms jumping forward by an hour during daylight saving time after amending the metadata fields. Investigation shows that the datetime value written back to t...
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  • Generate a Word Doc with Images & Captions from Form Attachments (2013 pre-

    PLEASE NOTE: This advice is for those of you who are using On-Prem SharePoint 2013 prior to release It's way easier in as you have the image URL variable!   ~~~   Only recently have I star...
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  • Nintex Learning Central FAQ

    The Nintex Learning Central is one of our key resources that provides 24/7 access to training courses for all levels and skill-sets. As a core resource to all Nintex users, we wanted to provide key information about L...
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  • Workflow Analyzer Version Released

    Download Nintex Workflow Analyzer - Download: Workflow Analyzer Change Set 29292   Changes Not Applicable   Bug Fixes Added null check to ActionCount() in NWFContext class. Change Set 2929
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  • What's New: Automatically fill your forms with "Set Field Value"!

    I'm excited to tell you about a cool new feature in Nintex Forms and the new responsive forms designer that lets you automate how fields are filled in.   In case you're not familiar, our "Responsive Forms" techn...
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  • The officially unofficial Workflow Action comparison guide part 1

    The reason I'm writing this is to start addressing a challenge that Cassy Freeman posted in response to my video stating I'll try and help any Nintex customer do more with the platform.    View those v...
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  • What's New: User Profile Lookup Runtime Function for Office 365

    We’ve just launched a new capability in Nintex for Office 365 that we think you’re going to love.     It has a long name -- User Profile Lookup Runtime Function – but what it does is qui...
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  • NTX PowerShell Action - Stable Release

    NTX PowerShell Action - Stable Release  Features Robust security features based on Windows Remote Management. Ability to execute PowerShell scripts from any machine allowing Remote Management from your SharePoin...
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  • Learning Central Updates | WP01: Intro to Nintex

    Greetings Nintex Community!    Have you visited the Nintex Learning Central lately? We refreshed our training courses!  Along with the Nintex Community, Resource Center and Help Docs, the Learning ...
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  • What's New: Lights! Camera! Actionable Messages!

    By Chris Ellis, Nintex Technical Evangelist   I've been asked this one quite a lot, and I know there are a number of workarounds on the subject, but Lazy Approval and capturing comments through email go together...
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  • Site Workflow - Document Review Date Approaching Reminders

    I tried searching for site workflow examples on the forum and I didn't see a tremendous amount, so I thought I would write about a simple site workflow that appears to be requested often.  The workflow needs to r...
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  • Whats' New: Nintex Forms - Attachments in Repeating Section

    The ability to create attachments in a repeating section of a form has so many use cases, across so many verticals! Here are just a few: Adding catalog images to quotes and invoices Adding documentation and images t...
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  • How to bulk cancel list item workflows with a status of "Error Occurred"

    Products: Nintex Workflow 2013     A common request we see is "How do I cancel/terminate a group of list item workflows that are in a state of 'Error Occurred'?" This article provides instructions on how to...
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  • Putting Nintex Flexi Task Forms in “context”

    Greetings again   Have you ever been in a situation where you had to build a SharePoint solution that included one or more of the following? A really good-looking yet complex Nintex Form (involving a repeating...
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  • Nintex Workflow – Fast Loops

    Recently I needed to create a schedule of dates, one week apart. I created a loop and added 7 days in each iteration. I noticed it took a very long time, so I added a Log in History task in the loop and saw that each ...
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  • Nintex String-Repeat

    I recently needed a String-Repeat function in a workflow. But it doesn’t exist. Or does it? Looking at the inline function specifications, I saw that the PadLeft function (and PadRight) adds a number of characte...
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  • A Simple Time sheet Solution Part 4 (Office 365)

    Hola,    Finally back in South Africa from Israel!!!    Anyway, this solution allows you make use of the Office 365 version of my Timesheet Solution. Yup,I did it, I migrated it across ...
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