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I love the idea of the XChange but find the page very difficult to use.  After showing me some assets, e.g., UDAs, I'll suddenly slip into a situation where the page reports that there are no assets, even in categories that I just viewed!   Thanks, Bruce Altner
Hi, We are trying to migrate Nintex Workflows using DB Attach and detach method from 2010 to 2013 (On-Premise) environment. Can anyone please suggest the useful documents related to that, if any? Also, please clarify the following: 1. All the contents available in the workflow History and workflow Tasks list will be migrated? 2. What will happen… (Show more)
I need to create a workflow for revising documents.  The documents are not stored in a library but reside on a local server and linked to the document list.  I need to copy the current revision into an edit folder so the original can be used while the draft is being edited, reviewed and approved.  Can I call file commands, copy move, browse files…
Hi All, I'm facing an unknown issue in nintex workflow, where one of my nintex workflow is going into idle state in different actions (like Commit pending changes, Update item, set variable etc) each time. And it is not going into further actions. just staying there as it is. I have no idea what to do as it is a old workflow which was running… (Show more)
Hi All I have tried to insert an image in the mail notification via Insert --> Picture --> from address. When i receive a mail i'm not getting the image displayed. Even i have tried to insert the image using Html but still image is not getting displayed. can anyone please help me on how to add the image in the notification.
Hi Emily,   I have a state machine workflow where 1. state1 has a flexi task and state2 has wait for item update. 2. Initially, it will enter to state1 and based on the task outcome selected it will go to state 2. 3. In state2, it was waiting for a column to get updated and once the field is updated it again goes back to state1. 4. At that time,… (Show more)