Is it better for a workflow to be fast or accurate?

Blog Post created by weitkae Employee on Mar 14, 2017

Sometimes you have to decide if it’s better for your workflow to respond quickly to an event, knowing that the response will be incorrect some of the time, or more slowly and accurately. There is no simple answer to this question.


The Escalate Field Service Requests template in Nintex Workflow Cloud includes this type of issue.

The template sorts field service requests for the text “gas”. The idea is that any service request including a gas spill, leak or exposure should trigger a high priority task in Salesforce, and that a Slack message should be sent out on the company account explaining the situation.


The Workflow runs in this order:

  1. Filter for “gas” in the message with a Branch by condition action.
  2. Create a high-priority task with a Salesforce Create a record action.
  3. Publish the message from the field with a Slack Post a message


There are two problems with this design: a filter that will sometimes create an unnecessarily high priority Salesforce task records, and a direct link to slack that may create PR issues by posting un-reviewed or edited internal service requests.


The following messages will create both an unnecessarily High-priority task, and a PR issue:

  • “This is a <censored> electrical issue, not a problem with the gas!”
  • “The problem is that we forgot to install a water line gasket the last time we were out here.”
  • “I’m tired of working with Sam, he has gas.”


To solve these problems you could add an Express approval action to bring a person in to review the service request with but where should it go?

  • Placing the Express approval action before the Slack action (step 3) has the benefit of limiting PR issues with raw text from the field, but it will delay the announcement to the field for hours or days until someone has read and responded to the email.  
  • Placing the Express approval action before or after the Create a record: High-priority case action (step 2) depends on balance between the cost of an unnecessarily High-priority Salesforce task, and the cost of delaying the creation of an accurate task for hours or days until someone has read and responded to the email.


In the guidance on how to extend this template, we recommend that the Express approval action go after the Salesforce task action and before the Slack message action. That location assumes a low cost for an overly quick response, and a high cost for publishing a raw message.


Where would you put the Express approval action?