Nintex in a Minute: What's in Store?

Blog Post created by kimarsde Employee on May 3, 2016

This, is, Jeopardy!


Hollo! It's Alexa Trebek here again!

Our Nintex Technical Evangelists will continue their battle to prove their Workflow knowledge shortly, but in the meantime, let's take a few minutes to talk about the Nintex Store and what other prizes await you there.


Aside from the social action packs in the Nintex Store, there are many other helpful actions you can subscribe to, which fall under the following categories.


  • Integration

    This category gives you the ability for your Nintex workflow to use actions to talk to other business systems. The action packs include systems such as Bing, DocuSign, DropBox, and Salesforce.


  • Libraries and Lists

    In this category, there is only one action pack available for subscription: Office 365 Lists and Library Actions. With it, you can manage your Office 365 Lists and Libraries and bring SharePoint features into your workflow.

    List and Libraries.PNG

  • Provisioning

    There aren't any action packs currently available for subscription.

  • Social

    As you've seen in the Jeopardy series, this category offers several actions that bring popular social media sites into your workflow. These actions can help you hiring new employees and promote information about your company.


  • User Interaction

    As of right now, there is only one action pack under this category, but it is packed with possibilities. The Exchange Online Actions let you manage your Office 365 Exchange Online Calendar and Tasks, automating meeting invitations and assigning tasks.

    User Interaction.PNG


For more  information on the Nintex Store and the actions you can subscribe to, see the Nintex Online Help: Using the Nintex Store.

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