Nintex in a Minute: Join the Festivities

Blog Post created by emily.slagle@nintex.com on Mar 15, 2016

NinaM, Signing Off

In the beginning, secret agent NinaM received a mission to infiltrate the company Crestan and deploy a top secret package, the State Machine workflow. We followed her as she learned about State Machines, and gained the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully complete her mission.


NinaM has disappeared into the shadows, continuing her quest for order and productivity. I'm sure we'll see her again soon, but until then, if you missed an episode or would like to revisit a video in the series, you can view the series playlist anytime here: Secret Agent NinaM.


Now that order has been restored, it's time for us to celebrate!



Welcome to the Forms Film Festival

Where all your form filling fantasies are fulfilled


The Forms Film Festival is in town and we have our two best film critics from the review site, Rotten Potatoes, live on the scene. Together, they will review films nominated for the Formy Award in a variety of categories, each one covering a different feature in Nintex Forms.


Join our friendly film critics through a series of videos as they provide their insights into the features highlighted in each film. Learn about key Forms features including Rules and Repeating Sections, and help our critics decide if a feature deserves a fresh rating on the potatometer.


Grab your popcorn and find a good seat, the Forms Film Festival is about to begin!