Nintex in a Minute: A New Chapter

Blog Post created by emily.slagle@nintex.com on Feb 25, 2016

Farewell from the Nancy and Sally Morning Show

With bran muffins broken down and workflows built, we say goodbye to our go to gals, Nancy and Sally. But don't worry, I'm sure we'll see them again soon!


We hope you enjoyed the Nintex in a Minute Morning Show with your cup of joe; we certainly had a great time! If you missed an episode, or would like to revisit a video in the series, you can view the series playlist anytime here: The Nancy and Sally Morning Show.


We now turn to someone new. One agent who fights for us in a world twisted by inefficiencies. She is known as NinaM, and she'll be the star of our next Nintex in a Minute series.



Secret Agent NinaM

She's got a license to build.


Secret agent NinaM, also known as double-O workflow, has received a new mission to infiltrate the company Crestan and deploy a top secret package, the State Machine.


Follow NinaM through several videos as she learns about the State Machine process through recon assignments from the mysterious X, and attempts to complete her mission by successfully configuring a State Machine workflow.


Coming soon in the first video, you'll see an overview of State Machines, as well as an introduction to NinaM and her critical mission. Will she succeed and restore order and productivity? Be sure to tune in to find out!