A New Training Adventure

Blog Post created by emily.slagle@nintex.com on Feb 5, 2016

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the new Nintex Community Training space where you’ll find quick and fun training videos! We’re kicking off this new resource with our new Nintex in a Minute format.


What is Nintex in a Minute you ask?

Nintex in a Minute provides an easy and entertaining way to learn about the latest and greatest Nintex features through short videos in a series format. Each 3-5 episode series will have its own theme and characters, and will cover different key topics. We’ll keep adding new characters and themes over time to keep it all interesting.


Frequency and Format

Every other day or so, we’ll add a new video along with a blog post that briefly talks about the content and any bits of information that may useful. Feel free to comment on these blog posts to provide your feedback or ask questions relating to the video.


Submit Your Ideas

If you have a cool idea for a new series, theme or character, share it using the Submit Idea button on the page. You can also use this to suggest specific training topics for new videos. If you see an existing idea that you like, vote it up so we’ll know what the community wants the most. We’re always looking for new ideas so don’t hold back!


Feedback Polling
We’ll occasionally run polls asking various questions about the content, format and overall training experience so we can hear directly what works best for you. We want to keep Nintex in a Minute fresh and fun, making learning how to best use Nintex products as enjoyable and effective as possible; if we make you smile along the way, even better!


Be sure to follow the space and check back often to keep up to date with the latest content. This is a new and exciting adventure for us which will constantly be growing and changing. We look forward to hearing from you!