Blog Post created by Employee on Sep 1, 2017

Several community members came close, but didn't quite get this one, so I'm extending it through the month of October!


This month, instead of a special errand, we're going to reward you for what you do anyway. Think of it as a bonus.

For every fifth time your answer is marked correct in the month of September, you'll get a bonus 300 points on top of the usual points you get for having your answer marked correct.

Get ten answers marked correct, that's an extra 600 points!

There's only one catch: You have to tell me which ones you provided.  By posting links to your correct answers below.

Anyone who gets five correct answers also gets this Mission Possible badge.

mission possible


Good luck!



The not-so-fine-print:  It doesn't matter when you posted an answer or when a question was asked. It just matters that the answer was marked correct (not by yourself) in the month of September, 2017.  So if a question was posed in August of 2015, and you provided an answer, but the person who asked it didn't mark your answer until Sept 5, 2017, then it counts toward your total this month. But if you ask a question, answer it and mark your own answer, it doesn't count.