Speeding Ahead With Answers To Your Questions

Blog Post created by Employee on Jul 3, 2017

Just two months after we let the world know we passed 5 million views of correct answers, the number has jumped up over SIX million!


More than six million times, someone has viewed an answered question, so the community continues to speed ahead!


That means they may have avoided starting a support ticket. Or they learned something that saved time. Or they passed it on to a colleague and saved that person some time or spared them some frustration.  That's what community is all about!


You can see in this chart, the increase in views, over the last third of the community's existence.


6million views of answered questions


That's due in large part to two things:  

1. When community members remember to click "mark correct" on replies to their questions.  Sure, they could just read replies that pop into their email. But taking the time to return and mark an answer correct is so helpful for other community members.  Read more on that here: Remember To "Mark Correct" 


2. The efforts of the Blue Ribbon Group members of this community. They VOLUNTEER their time to help out trhe community by answering a lot of questions and by marking answers that they know are correct. It's a big help to everyone. Thank you, Blue Ribbon Group!



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