Lucky You, there's New Form Features!

Blog Post created by Support on Mar 8, 2017



To alleviate some of the madness of March, Nintex Forms for On Premises and Office 365 has added two great new features, Save and Continue and the ability to redirect forms. Let's take a look at form redirects first.


Redirect URL


Nintex Forms had provided the ability to redirect to a different page after forms submission, but now Nintex Forms provides the ability to apply a different redirect per button. If a user selects the "Save" button, they can redirect to a "Thank You" page or to a follow up form. However, if you wish to redirect a user to a different page if they select the "Cancel" button, (as a "Thank You" page would be an odd choice) the form redirect can send the user elsewhere.


In the "Button" control setting, expand the 'Advanced' section. There, you will find the "Redirect URL" field. 

Enter the URL of the page you wish to redirect the user to after the button has been clicked, and that's it! Simple setup, but one that offers a better user experience. 



While still in the "Buttons" setting configuration, let's take a look at the new Button Action setting, Save and Continue.


Save and Continue


Virtual show of hands, how many of you have had to deal with a long form, where halfway through you get distracted and before you finish the form, your session is terminated? I know, it stinks. But now, that will be a concern of the past as Nintex now offers the Save and Continue option!


In the "Button" control settings window, click on the 'Button action' drop down. There will be the new option of Save and Continue. 

Using the 'Save and Continue' button action type will allow the user to save the current progress of the form, which in turn creates the item in the list, but does not close the open form. The end user will notice the form refresh with the current information still loaded in the form.


One great feature of the 'Save and Continue' action type is that it disregards submission validation. If the end user has yet to reach a required portion of the form, they shouldn't be required to fill that section out to save their progress. 


In the initial roll out of this feature, due to an item being created in the list, one may be concerned with a workflow starting due to new item creation. It is recommended that if using the 'Save and Continue' action type for your button, include a condition (Filter, starting condition) that will look to see if the item has met a required value to start the workflow. Including a Boolean true/false column that will execute a workflow if the form has been completed is one option. One way to set a column value with a status is to connect the button control to a column to set a value. The button control can be connected in the "Advanced" setting section of the control settings. 



For an awesome overview on emulating draft functionality in Nintex Forms, follow Daniel Stoll's blog post here!


Feel free to add any comments below as we love to see how you would use these features in your environment!