Be a Community Rock Star!

Blog Post created by Employee on Jan 3, 2017


We asked you what reputation levels you wanted to pursue in 2017, and you picked "I'm with the band."


So, this year, points will lead to a reputation level commensurate with a fictitious touring band.

Here are this year's levels, starting at the top:




  1. Rock star  20,000-pts
  2. Bandmate  10,000-pts
  3. Bodyguard  7,000-pts
  4. Front of House  5,000-pts
  5. Stage Manager  2000-pts
  6. Tour Manager  1000-pts
  7. Engineer  500-pts
  8. Tech  150-pts
  9. Roadie  75-pts
  10. Groupie   0-pts




Icons for each of these levels are forthcoming. But you can see your reputation level as well as where you are on the ladder by clicking "reputation" on your profile page (path: avatar>your profile>reputation).



What's more, we're making it easier to reach the highest level!  Instead of a virtually insurmountable number of points, you "only" need to hit 20,000 points to become a rock star.  Given the growth in the community and the activity put in by the most active members, I think lowering the points to raise your reputation level will entice a few more people to be active.


Tired of being a groupie? A mere 75 points makes you a roadie.

Wanna be a Tour Manager? Just earn 500 points!




How do you get points? Here's a primer: Badges and Earning Points on the Site 


Here's to another year of sharing knowledge!  Good luck, everyone!