December 2016 Mission: Gift Exchange II

Blog Post created by Employee on Nov 30, 2016

December Mission: Gift Exchange II



In the spirit of giving, we offer you an exchange for the December Mission.  We did this last year, and the comments were great.  Here's how it works:

  • Like this blog post (see the option beneath the banner above)
  • Post a comment below that includes a link to three different posts in the community.
  • Explain why you like each post or why you think each one is valuable.
  • Tag one person in your post calling her/him out for the contribution to the Community.


You get 300 points for doing ALL of the steps above.


You can choose blog posts, questions, documents, discussions or polls - doesn't matter.  They just need to be something YOU find valuable. Whether it's a comment that answered your question, a blog post or document you found helpful, or a poll you enjoyed taking, post a link to it and tell everyone why you find it useful. Don't feel compelled to write a novel, a sentence or two is fine.

Tips For Completing This Mission


Here's a little help:  Go up to the upper-right corner of the screen and perform a search to find the content you're looking for.

You might also find a thread in which you commented in your Inbox.

Once you find what you want to share, copy the URL and share it in your comment. Or use the method for tagging someone.



Tagging someone is easy, too.  Just type "@" and the name of the community member in your comment window.


A box will pop up that looks similar to the one to the right.



You'll get a list of people, and the option to click "Show 5 more" if the person you want doesn't appear right away.  You'll also get a list of "CONTENT," and an option to "Show 5 more" if that doesn't turn up what you expected.




And since I'm in a gift-giving mood... If you meet all the requirements, and do it for THREE pieces of community content, I'll tack on an extra 200 points, for a grand total of 500 points for this month's mission.  Nobody will ever accuse me of being a "points scrooge!"


That's it!


Remember, this is your last chance to earn points for 2016 as we plan to start afresh in 2017 (which we also did last year and the year before that). Read more here: It's Time to Reset the Points Again!


I look forward to seeing the posts you found the most valuable this year!




Your Community Manager