Extending your Salesforce Organization to the Cloud

Blog Post created by pesikwane on Nov 9, 2016

Salesforce has allowed many organizations and communities to transform the way they manage crucial information such as:

• Tasks
• Meetings
• Programs
• Campaigns
• Contacts
• Support cases


Salesforce has allowed many organizations to manage this kind of information in a central location – available at the fingertips of a user.

Being cloud-based, Salesforce, can seamlessly integrate with other cloud technologies in order to ensure that information is accessible, and now with Nintex Workflow Cloud, integration into SalesForce can be automated via Workflow to ensure the following:


• Flexibility – as in allowing people to be able to provision or find information the way they prefer to
• Facilitating the flow communication between people, teams, and even organizations
• Automating organizational processes irrespective of the different platforms involved


So how does Salesforce work with NWC?


You’d have to simply setup a connection to your Salesforce environment, and once set up any organizational process can be automated using NWC using one or more of the following creation or updates on:
• Accounts
• Cases
• Contacts
• Events
• Leads
• Notes
• Opportunities
• Tasks
OR alternatively, have other platforms interact with your Salesforce in one or more of the following ways:
• Create a Salesforce record
• Delete a Salesforce record
• Retrieve a Salesforce record
• Update a Salesforce record


Below is a short video that shows how you can in Nintex Workflow Cloud:

• Create a connection to your Salesforce platform
• Trigger an NWC workflow from Salesforce

• Reuse the information from Salesforce in a simple Email notification