November Mission: Fix The Workflow (by Jesse McHargue!)

Blog Post created by Employee on Oct 31, 2016


One of our Blue Ribbon Group members offered to create a monthly mission for you!


Jesse McHargue is a SharePoint developer for Duquesne Light Company in Pittsburgh, PA.  He's a passionate Nintex customer and a frequent provider of answers here in the community. Below is the mission he created, which if completed successfully, will earn you the badge at the left and 200 points!





Ian the intern needs your help! He has been tasked with creating a workflow for Mr. Toni Stark to find all of the insurance claims that need to be investigated after the recent incident in New York City! He has a sample set of data (attached) that he is working with and has passed along to us to assist him with this critical mission.


Create a workflow that finds all of the insurance claims that will need to be investigated and create a single email to pass along to Mr. Stark.

Claims are considered for investigation if they are outside of New York City or if the estimated damages are greater than $1,000,000.00 USD.


You will need to create two lists before you can get started:

  • Stark Insurance Claims (be sure to change Title to not be required)
    • First Name – Single Line of Text
    • Last Name – Single Line of Text
    • Zipcode – Single Line of Text
    • Estimated Damages – Currency
    • Zipcodes
      • Title – Keep this field and load the zip codes here


    There are two Nintex Workflow files below (one for 2010/2013 and one for O365). There are some minor differences, but ultimately can generate the same result.

    There is also an excel file that contains the sample data that can be imported into your SharePoint list as well as a list of all the zip codes for New York City.


    In order to complete this mission, correct the workflow, run it, and post a screenshot of the email generated with the claims to be investigated.




    And when you get a chance, drop a note to Jesse McHargue to thank him for the mission!