World's Easiest Nintex Connect Mission

Blog Post created by Employee on Aug 2, 2016

With the blessing of my boss*, I offer you the World's Easiest Mission..





It's August, and here in the Pacific Northwest we're headed into the Dog Days of summer.  Those sticky, hot days when it's all you can do to lift a finger to a mouse.


You need a break.


You got two missions last month.


We're going to reward you for literally lifting a finger.







What do you have to do? Easy.



All you have to do is "like" this blog post and leave a comment

below offering a suggestion for a mission on Nintex Connect.

Like is up and to the right - a green box.

And just like that - 100 points and this Easy Peasy badge.



Yep, even the badge for this mission was easy.









*The truth is, it was his idea, and I leapt at it!  So thank Harold Gross for the easiest 100 points you ever earned on Connect!  Ever well-informed, Harold wouldn't want me to leave you without the extra tidbit that "Dog Days" is derived from the Greeks who associated this time of year with Sirius, the "dog star," which rises at the same time as the sun.  So, you get 100 points AND a little education!