July Mission: Four for the 4th

Blog Post created by Employee on Jun 30, 2016

July Mission: Four for the 4th!fireworks.jpg

It's Canada Day on July 1st and U.S. Independence Day on July 4th, and we've got four free assets to get you out of the office and into your weekend faster!  This month's mission: Download the four following assets in the Nintex Xchange™, use them, and then comment on them beneath each of their descriptions.


Here are the four assets:

PowerShell: Find All Workflows

PowerShell Find All Workflows - Part 1

Author Vadim Tabakman says, "There are times when you need to find all your workflows on your farm." This helps you do that.

Terminate Old Instances of a WF

Terminate Old Instances of a Workflow

Another gem from Vadim, who describes it thus: "Did you know that if you are running an instance of "WorkflowA" on an item, and you then go and make a change to the workflow, republish it, you will now be able to run another instance of "WorkflowA" on that item? This UDA helps to eliminate any old instances running on that item."

Nintex Add-in

Nintex Add-in for Outlook

Author Eric Harris says the Nintex Add-in for Outlook lets users interact with Nintex Workflows in the context of their email, seamlessly inside of Outlook.

Archiving a List Item

Archiving a List Item with Workflow History

This last one by Vadim adds the Workflow History logging to a UDA. That way it can be reused in any workflow.


4onthe4th_makebadges-1467322686.pngHere's what you need to do:

  1. Download each of these.
  2. Use them.
  3. Comment beneath each of the links above to answer this:  What worked and what didn't work for you in implementing the asset? We're not looking for "It worked." That's not gonna get you your badge, sport!  We're looking for specifics. How is this useful in your instance? How did this save you time? Are there any issues to be alert to when using these?


Do all four, and you'll earn the "Four on the Fourth" badge, only available this month!




Thanks for your contributions and good luck!