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Blog Post created by dan.stoll Employee on Jun 16, 2016

Ali G would be beside himself, if he knew what he could do with Nintex Mobile now. Booyakasha!

ali-g.jpgAnd it is with great excitement I announce MASI (or Multi Account Sign In) support..


"Wat iz dis ?" you ask, well to put it plainly it means you can login to Nintex Mobile now and create your profile as mentioned here Nintex Mobile introduces Profiles, and adds Forms Based Authentication support, and associate multiple logins under the 1 profile. Where this will come in super handy is when you have On-premise and O365 deployments and you want to be able to show forms in Nintex Mobile from both environments. Also for the admins, it means you can have your test account logged in and your prod account logged in, so you don't have to log in and out of the different environments when doing testing..



The experience begins with the user entering an email address and selecting “Next”. This begins the profile creation experience.

The user then selects the type of account they wish to add to their profile.

Once the correct credentials have been entered the user is told that their profile is now ready to use. Up until now this sign on experience is very similar to the single account profile release made in April. However, now the user may add another account.

Selecting to add another account begins the process again.

You might notice that we do not provide “Microsoft Account” as an option the second time around.  This is because a Microsoft account already provides account aggregation so it should be used for combining accounts by itself. Just remember, Microsoft accounts work by themselves.

Inside the settings section the user can see all of the accounts they have added. Each account has its own colour assigned to it. The user may also add further accounts, with a maximum of 5 accounts in total. This section was reached by selecting the “cog” icon, but in previous releases this took you to general app settings.  Now those settings are available from a menu item here.


And that is about as difficult as it gets..  Soon I'll post about how this also works in Nintex Mobile Enterprise.. So until next time, post any questions you have below and enjoy


I almost forgot.. This has been rolled out for Android and iOS, so if it's come through yet it will be with you soon. For those on Windows Phone or Desktop App, this feature will be rolled out soon.