June "Mystery" Mission - A Nintex Xchange Star Search

Blog Post created by Employee on Jun 2, 2016

The Nintex Xchange has launched and it needs your input!




There are more than 60 assets in the Nintex Xchange.  And you can help your fellow community members know which ones you like the best-- and score some points, plus the undying gratitude of your fellow community members, in the process (not to mention a limited-issue badge).





What do I do?



Your mission is simple:  Download and use an asset and then rate it and comment beneath it.  You'll see two sets of stars at the bottom of documents in the Xchange (and elsewhere in Nintex Connect!).  One set is "Your Rating," where YOU get to decide how many stars you want to award.  To the left of that is the "Average User Rating."  That lets you see what everyone else who's rated the content thinks of it.

What good does this do?

The five-star rating system allows members to provide feedback for other members to consider.

Think of it this way:  Five stars = the highest rating.  You highly recommend this asset.  One star = the lowest rating.  Keep in mind that all assets are vetted before they're posted, so a one-star rating isn't bad, it just means you found the asset had limited application in your workflows.  Please put specifics in the comments, that's a great way to leave thorough feedback for the whole community to see.

What's the mystery?



There's a handy number below that which tells you how many ratings the asset has received.  I'm not telling you how many assets you need to rate before you earn the badge, nor how many points each rating is worth!  It's not hard to earn, and I'll make it worth your while.  But it will be earned only by those community stars who make a little bit of effort!


Thanks in advance and go check out all those Nintex Xchange assets!