May We InFORM You About Nintex Forms?

Blog Post created by Employee on May 2, 2016

I'm hoping you find the May Mission informative... 




This one will take a little bit of time (though not that much), and it requires access to Nintex Forms* and an ability to follow directions carefully.  But if you do what's required, you'll be rewarded pretty handsomely!



The Goal:  Get you familiar with resources on the community to help create and publish Nintex Forms

The Mission:  Simply "like" the pages below, and then post a DOCUMENT to the Nintex Gallery that includes a Nintex Form you created.  It MUST be a document type. You'll see the option to create that type of content under "actions" near the upper-right of the page.


So, here's what you need to like:

  1. Build your first Nintex Form - Part 1 of 3 (simple customization)
  2. Build your first Nintex Form - Part 2 of 3 (repeating sections)
  3. Build your first Nintex Form - Part 3 of 3 (validation & hyperlinks)
  4. Add a Logo and basic formatting to a Nintex Forms
  5. Setting a Nintex Form Template
  6. Publish a Nintex Form to the Cloud
  7. Adding a SharePoint Column from within your Nintex Form
  8. Designing a Nintex Workflow Start Form
  9. Nintex Forms Help Files Excerpts (look here for user guide content)
  10. Then post your DOCUMENT in the Nintex Gallery


You may already be familiar with Nitnex Forms, but if you're not, those pages will give you a great start!


The Reward:




Not only will you get a limited-time badge, you'll also earn 500 points!  Yes, I said 500 points! This could move some of you up the leaderboard.  But more importantly, it will take you through a collection of posts about how to create, edit, embellish and publish Nintex Forms.






* Don't have NintexForms? You can download a trial here! For some beginner tutorials on using Nintex Forms, check out this document Getting Started with Nintex Forms


Many thanks to the winners of the April Mission - Make it rain...answers! (And get a limited-time badge!)!  You won because other Nintex Connect members valued your contributions. Thank you!