Meetup Groups for Nintex Users

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Nintex User Group Bellevue - 4-26-16.pngAndy Hough attended the first meeting of the recently created Bellevue Nintex Meetup because he recognizes the power of community.


Andy, the IT director at Bellevue-based GLY Construction, worked with Nintex partner Provoke to develop a quality control solution for construction sites using the Nintex Workflow platform. GLY employees can take a photo, fill in documents and upload them to a SharePoint site for quality control – all from their phone. He was interested in seeing how other people use the platform.


“All of us together are better than any of us alone,” he says. “You don’t know what you don’t know and other people know stuff you don’t know. You can compare notes and find out what works and what doesn’t. We’ll all get better that way.”


Andy was one of the dozen people who enjoyed pizza, beer, soda and knowledge-sharing on Tuesday night in a conference room at Nintex headquarters in Bellevue. Scroll below for links to Nintex user groups around the world.


Interested in starting a user group? Check out this resource to learn more about user group leader responsibilities and benefits. 



What's the Group's Purpose?



At the Bellevue meeting, Nintex Technical Evangelists Aaron Labiosa and Sean Fiene offered a Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms overview with stories on how people are using the products followed by a more technical look into how to use PowerShell to complete common tasks in Nintex Workflow.


An understanding of the value of community is what made group founders James Porretta and Brendon Ford – who both work at Provoke – create the group. They’ve had success starting and running similar user groups in New Zealand, where Provoke also has offices.


Give a technical community a means of sharing information and great things emerge, James says.


“Problems get solved faster in communities, brighter ideas stem from putting brilliant minds in the same room and meeting in a social environment really allows one to understand a community,” he says.


James hopes the group can accomplish a few things in the future:


  • Raise awareness of technical solutions available with the Nintex Workflow platform
  • Brainstorm ways to solve business challenges
  • Ask questions of Nintex experts
  • Share stories of how they’ve used the platform


Tuesday’s meeting was a mix of current platform users and people considering the platform. He encourages anyone considering joining to check out a meeting.


“The venue is just absolutely amazing,” he says. “Instead of traffic, grab some pizza, drinks and good conversation every couple months while being able to grow your awareness of what’s happening in the technical world. Members can come with business-specific scenarios and questions, and have the opportunity to get them addressed at an accelerated rate.”


Join the Bellevue Nintex Meetup to attend an upcoming meeting. The next one will be Tuesday, June 28.


Are There Other Nintex Meetup Groups?


Not near Bellevue but want to attend a Nintex-focused Meetup group? The number of Meetup groups is increasing and I'll keep updating this list as I learn about new groups. Check out the below groups and start your own Meetup group if there isn't one near you:

















Don't see a group in your area and interested in starting one? Check out this resource to learn more about user group leader responsibilities and benefits.