Dealing with multiple variable on o365 document generation

Blog Post created by alexjolynintex Employee on Apr 29, 2016

For two different projects this week, i have faced the same case about document generation.

The goal wass to generate a document using the document generation feature including a lot of variables. Obviously the first thought for my customer was to one workflow variable per variable he wanted to display in the document (Because the Document generation feature can only display workflow variables). Obviously he had 20 "set variables value" actions before his document generation that were only used for that!


The best approach, in fact, is to create a dictionnary, and to set each variables as an entry:

  • You only consume one action "generate dictionnary"
  • The designe is much simpler!


What happens when you are back to Word? Your dictionnary variable will appear as a normal variable, and when you select it, you will have to enter manually the  key you want to select and  then insert the tag that will appear as <<DICTIONARYNAME_KEY>>.