September Mission Winners!

Blog Post created by Employee on Oct 2, 2015

Well, it didn't get off to a roaring start, but our September Mission 2015 - Create a Holiday Party suggestion form with Nintex Forms, ended with a very clever set of responses!


We realized the mission would be difficult for some people because we asked people to create a form and then publish it to Nintex Live, and, well, not everyone has Nintex Live. That limited people's options to take part.  So we tweaked the mission to remove that aspect and a few of you jumped in for some easy points.


Many thanks to Christophe Raucq, Chris Ben and Andrew Glasser for participating!  Thank you!


I think both Chris and Andrew agree, Christophe is the hands-down winner of the mission with his creative and hilarious use of Forms to ask an imaginary group of employees whether they wanted an office holiday party in Bora Bora, Barcelona or Disney's Magic Kingdom in Florida


I especially found it humorous that he warned respondents that their spouses would receive an email if they opted to attend alone!  Very funny.  He even posted a video of it on YouTube:




Christophe, Chris and Andrew all will receive 100 points for creating the forms and 100 bonus points for posting images on the mission page.  And since they were the only three who took part I'm naming them all winners, and all will receive 200 winning points.  Christophe will receive an additional 200 points for making me laugh.


I feel like Dumbledore awarding House Cup points at Hogwarts. "Fifty points for Gryffindor!"


The October mission -- my first! -- will be very straightforward. And an opportunity to help the community while winning bonus points!