September Mission 2015 - Create a Holiday Party suggestion form with Nintex Forms

Blog Post created by emily.billing@nintex.com Champion on Sep 1, 2015

This month's mission is all about Nintex Forms. You're a very well organized event planner, and you're in the process of organizing the holiday party for the office. Before you make any decisions, you want to take suggestions from the rest of the office/company where they would like to have the office party. So your mission this month is to create a suggestion form for the holiday party, and then publish it to Nintex Live so you can easily distribute to the entire company.


The winning forms will be judged by the planning committee (a couple Nintex Tech Evangelists) on how aesthetically pleasing, and technically correct your form is!


What can you win?

Everyone who creates a form will win 100 points, and the winners will get an extra 200 points!


Mission Requirements:

1. Build your idea form for the end of year party, you can include any fields, controls, or design of the form you choose!


2. Publish the form to Nintex Live.


3. Leave a comment below with an image and short description of your form, and the live form link.


4. For an extra 100 points, include a screenshot of your Nintex Form on the Nintex Mobile App being used on a tablet.




Happy creating! Looking forward to seeing what will happen




Emily (your outgoing) and Frank (your incoming) Community Managers